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Pre-Clovis,,, mixed

There has been a constant push to "limit" man's habitation of North America to just the recent past of about 12,000 years. This vid is about all the much older discoveries that have been pushed out of the records.
Not a vid "when pre-Clovis people actually arrived in the Americas. They suggest the arrival could be as early as 20,000 years ago on the verdant kelp highway. Other researchers, however, say people could have arrived during a temperate period about 130,000 years ago. "

The beginning of Gumball Rally,
The end of Gumball Rally,
Tommy Smothers' anti-war song,
China has put a huge dam on the Brahmaputra river IN Tibet. BUT, the river runs through India and they want ALL the water. China is going to build a 1,000 mile pipeline to bring water to her deserts.
Taking college exams is now white oppression,
The laser bazooka,
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