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forces in a geocentric universe

It is easy to visualize centrifugal force holding the stars outward against gravity of the spinning universe, but that only applies along the equatorial plain. That force decreases as a function of angle above the the equator. So what is holding the North star suspended, theoretically directly on the axis of rotation? Well it is the coriolis force, twice as strong as centrifugal and acts at right angles to the plain of rotation. This was taken into account by Mach and Euler in their analysis of forces at play in a universe in motion. These forces are called "artificial", not to be confused with emf, magnetism or gravity. But they are very real and essentially strange. Why in the world the coriolis force acts as it does, I would say you have to ask God. But it makes a geocentric view of the universe obey the math. To describe how we may understand this force, quite simply, we could not balance and ride even a bicycle without it. Dr Sungenis has provided me an example proof how to work this force into a derivation provided by Dr. Gerry Bouw. He states after deriving a final formula based on angular momentum, Radius, declination, and others:

"Not only will each celestial object be held in place by this equation, light itself will also obey this equation. In the geocentric Universe light can assume any speed since (a) limitations to light speed do not apply to rotating frames, and (b) inertial forces can accelerate or decelerate light’s speed."
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