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Originally Posted by wantomake View Post
Clarence got his to work without mains power in spite of what some post here.
From the info which Clarence has posted here, that is simply not accurate. By 'working', I mean producing over unity.

Clarence's description here of his last setup using an inverter made it clear that it was not over unity. The current limiting in his inverter was kicking in because it was being overloaded. Obviously all the power was coming from his battery and inverter. Wantomake, I know you mean well, but you are not helping anything by making claims that can't be backed up with facts.

In Clarence's last setup he said he had only a small current draw from the mains but was getting a very large power output to the loads he was powering. That all seems to have disappeared when he tried his setup again using his battery and inverter, where he could then only power a smaller load and it was overloading his inverter. I am not trying to give anyone a hard time here, but from what I have seen so far no one has been able to demonstrate one of these B&L setups doing anything unusual when using a battery and inverter.

From a response I got in an email exchange with B&L back in August 2017, they seemed to acknowledge to me that their previous captor devices did not produce over unity, and said they stopped working with those captor devices in Oct. 2013. They replied very briefly with "Not yet" (Ainda não) when I asked if their captor devices could produce over unity when using a battery and inverter to avoid the mains ground loop problem.

They said they are currently working on a new idea for a "photon-emitting electron-capturing circuit". Since it was a private email exchange with them, I won't post the actual email exchange. I am only posting this bit of info from the email exchange because I see some people are still spending quite a bit of money and time on trying to replicate the B&L electron captor loop devices. People can believe me or not. If someone wants to continue experimenting with these B&L setups anyway, then that is up to them. At least they have been informed that the prognosis is not looking good on these B&L captor loop setups.


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