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The 3 battery system is a remarkable piece of work - the work Dave and Matt are doing is quite amazing. While playing with that arrangement my only complaint was the limitations based on the restrictions of the batteries ability to absorb high current. This meant I needed a large bank of batteries to provide the power and assure the batteries weren't being damaged in any way. Capacitors remove the limits of voltage and current. They still provide many challenges along the way but the energy I need/want is there. It's a matter of how to manipulate the charges to provide the work I want from the system.

I've seen mentions several times about the possibility of "looping" the charge back to the initial source battery. Maybe I can add a twist to the thought of replacing the energy to instead - reducing the input requirement. Once maximum efficiency is reached replacing the energy becomes a much simpler task.

I'm sure many of you have built circuits that charge capacitors and found that once the cap is charged the circuit goes into an ultra low power low level oscillation. If you pulse the charged cap you can use the HV to produce a high current surge without draining the cap to a large degree thus leaving the oscillator in a low power state while only having to provide a maintenance charge.

Since I don't believe there is energy in excess of the original input source I'm forced to think in terms of finding alternative sources (free energy sources) or manipulate what is available by finding more efficient ways to use it which includes recycling in many forms. The easiest way to start is to manipulate energy over time. An extreme example, lets say your heating a meal in a 1500 watt microwave, an inverter connected to a 12v battery bank as the source. If we draw 125 amps for 1 minute how much energy did we remove from the batteries? The answer is 25 watts (w/h) or 2 amp/hours removed from the source. With a 25 watt solar panel I could run a 1500 watt load for 1 minute every hour.

I like to think in terms of how can I run things I normally use - making coffee, toast, running the frig, computer, TV or even simple lighting. So ask yourself... If it could be done... How would I do it? I don't claim to have all the answers, little by little finding creative solutions that reduce the need to purchase the energy for things we do every day isn't that far out of reach.

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