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Hi all, thanks for get better wishes.
I ran the 3 battery setup yesterday, for an hour total.
So that's about 2 hours run time so far with this setup.

I think this needs more run time to be more conclusive, though I have no explanation at the moment, for why the voltage seems to be increasing on the batteries, overall.
I am aware of the 4 battery tesla switch, that a company was testing, using mechanical rotating switches and apparently, the batteries never discharged, but gained energy.
I don't know yet, if that may be happening here, we shall see.
I did place the 2 input batteries in parallel with the charge battery for a few hours today, to transfer some charge.
So the batteries are now resting at:
Battery A = 12.56 volts
Battery B = 12.61 volts now in charge battery position
Battery C = 12.56 volts

peace love light
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