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Originally Posted by spacecase0 View Post
seems like at least a few people have seen the same events,
ed dames is one of them them
the actual cause of the large events seems blurry in all accounts
any details on that that I missed ?
i'm not sure of what event are you referring to.

She is given fragments, my opinion is that when she is showed these things she gets to emotional and zooms out of the state, else she might get more information. who wouldn't ...

But even so, i'm sure that if anything really bad is going to happen she might be able to warn us a few days in advance or something.

I'm concerned about that big red cyclone. I was actually listening to a video earlier that talked about some of those nasty weapons the demented leaders of the world have. One of them was to excite the methane gas under the ocean in order to produce earthquakes in order to result in tsunamis.

Some call this types of technologies haarp. I don't know what installation in particular they use to excite the methane but i'm afraid they will excite it 2 much and it will surface fueling a cyclone and that will be really dangerous because it will burn **** loads of oxygen. And we have no way to stop it...

She had a vision where people coudn't breathe cause it was to hot or something, but i can't find it, her blog is filled with visions and messages. She ain't a fake by any stretch but the info itself it's not always very useful.

Anyway, i take the chance to let people to hold on when **** will hit the fan, and it will. None of us are prepared for this amount of devastation and from what i gathered, when the big events will start they will go one after the other after the other etc.

The war will be in northern hemisphere but Nibiru and Nebira will hit the souther hemisphere. So basically there is no where to run...except off planet...

She said that the aliens will interfere if things go to wild. I hope they do. My country is planed for total wipe out. America will be thorn apart by natural disasters war and civil war, can't say what order but i guess they will all come kind of at the same time.

I will try to translate more of her work and make it available to English speakers.

There will be also a big tsunami in the coming days or weeks, had no time to translate the article, she just received the info but she doesn't know where it will hit.

Anyway lots of crazy awaits us in the coming years...
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