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Original link: Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: MOSCOVA !!! MOSCOVA VA CULEGE SUFERINŢĂ ?!
Moscow !!! Will Moscow harvest suffering?!
October 15th 2017, Time: 5:23 In the Morning!

Early this morning, a voice wakes me up, and says something about Moscow. The voice says:

--- random picture insert with Putin ----
But another voice intervenes, and asks:
And why should I go there?
And look darlings, the answer does not take long to come:
Its suffering harvesting and it looks (or forgets, they are the same word in Romanian when used like this) there!
And then the voice that asked the question says:
Then I must go to harvest!

My darlings, this message is kind of complicated. Unfortunately, I dont think its anything good. Moscow will suffer, they will harvest suffering!

How wonderful it would be, if countries would get along, and wars between people would disappear. But unfortunately, these days everything is upside down. We got floods on a global scale, big earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear bombs explosions, etc.

Were left with one chance darlings! And that is FAITH, HOPE and THE LOVE OF GOD and the Holy Virgin Mary, and for our fellow. Darlings, lets no leave our room, until we do at least the sign of the cross and say with all our hearts this:
Oh Lord Jesus Christ, Son of GOD, merciful be with me the sinner.
Lets do the same in the evening before bed time!

Lets not fall asleep until we bring prayers of gratitude towards the Good God and The Holy Mary Mother Of God, for all they gave us in the day that just passed, and for the night that follows, in which we will rest in peace and silence, so that in the morning we can be joyful of a new sunrise, and of all those dear to our soul and heart.

With Love, Maria!
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