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Originally Posted by Gambeir View Post
... You are right, he is making that assumption for the purpose of showing us how to deduce the probable location for other shooters using that caliber. You could do this for 308, though he doesn't do that for the video, so I think the idea is just to walk people through the procedure so that we all understand it.
What sense does it make to assume the weapon and ammo of shooter 2? Unless that sound signature has a .223 "fingerprint", that probable location is nothing more than a wildass guess.

Appears to me that he presents an incomplete analysis to promote that there was a second shooter and that the authorities are hiding that from us. Using some of the facts to draw premature conclusions for the sake of a conspiracy theory.

I wonder how many rounds Paddock fired. Surely they must have a brass count from the hotel rooms. He hit like about 600 people. How many bullets were left to strike the pavement unimpeded?
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