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Original link: Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: BULGARIA ! CATASTROFĂ ÎN BULGARIA ?!
Bulgaria! Catastrophe in Bulgaria!

October 15th 2017, Time: 6:15!

My Darlings,

I was writing just a day ago, an article entitled Catastrophe !!! Catastrophe !!!

( Original link: Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: CATASTROFA !!! )

Todays morning darlings, I received also the message that tells us in witch country will the Catastrophe will take place. So I hear a voice that says this:

And I ask in my mind that voice:
What about Bulgaria?
Right in this moment, I see above me a white light and a roll of about 20 cm, o roll that seems to be adhesive tape, possibly the kind used in medicine, especially in Surgery.

On the back of that brownish tape, along the normal markings (writings), an unseen power writes me this:

For the Catastrophe!

In this moment darlings, I remembered about the article in which I received just a single word: Catastrophe, and that I brought it here again.

Unfortunately, darlings we will hear of a Catastrophe in Bulgaria that will require lots of adhesive tape (possibly medicinal). Lets pray to the Good God and The Holy Mary Mother Of God, for our fellows from Bulgaria, for all our brothers within Christ, so that they will be protected from all evil and harm, Amin!

Here is the article, referring to the Catastrophe:

( Original link: Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: CATASTROFA !!! )
October 13th 2017, Time 5:06 In the morning!

My Darlings,
This morning, of October 13th, a voice wakes me up, that says on a grave tone, a single word. The word was:


My darlings, I write this article in tears. We will here of a Catastrophe! What kind of Catastrophe, where and when will take place, it was not revealed. Lets all pray darlings, lets pray to the Good God and to the Most Holy Virgin Mary, so they wont turn away from us, Their children!

We live in troublesome times, times in which nothing is certain from day to day, from hour to hour. We need lots of prayer, towards The Merciful God and The Holy Mary Mother Of God! We need to give love to our fellows, We can do this darlings!
We can shake all doubts and darkness, and turn towards the Light of Christs Resurrection, that deserves all honors, glory and worship, Amin!

With Love, Maria!
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