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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
Two sound signatures from two different caliber weapons from the same position or from the same caliber from two locations? Did Rick consider that? And isn't he making a big assumption that the second shooter was using .223 Remington ammo, the same as Paddock?
No he's not making any assumptions. You've just forgotten a few things is all. The speed of sound is constant in any given material(*air, water, metal, wood, steel). Seen any Cowboy and Indian Movies? Remember the pictures of people listening to the "Iron Horse Rails" and then judging how far away the train is? I've done that and you can hear the train coming from a long ways away.

Now, in this case it is the air surrounding the event that is the medium: There is no variation in the speed of sound for any given substance: Different weapons do not produce an increase or decrease in the speed of their traveling sound waves. Only the material through which sound waves travel alters their relative speed.

So now just follow along with Rick in that video because anyone can do this. It's not that complex. Rick clearly demonstrates how to do acoustic analysis in this video, just follow along and he lays it all out. He shows us all that this is not an especially complex thing to do.
He's quite competent and this is an excellent video on acoustic analysis

If sound waves traveled at different speeds then speaking to each other would become problematic. We would have to all speak at the same precise speed and at a precise level of tone. Communication by voice would be virtually impossible to accomplish.

As long as the sound can be identified then a precise estimate to the range of the object which made the sound can be mathematically deduced. Sound of course is like a fingerprint. Thus there is almost no potential for mistaking the acoustic fingerprints of well known and well identified sounds like gunfire. It is of no importance whether the report is from the distance, from a weaker caliber weapon, the sound wave it leaves behind is as precise as the sound wave which comes out of your speakers. You can turn the sound down, but that doesn't mean you suddenly do not understand the music you're still hearing, or that it takes any longer amount of time to reach your ears.

Rick lays this out in the video. Thus simply because you have a range of decibels doesn't mean you cannot identify the sound. As Rick explains in the video, first you hear the recordings of bullets impacting the ground, then you hear the report of the bullet being fired. The bullet is moving faster than the speed of sound and arrives first. The report comes afterwards. The time between these two establishes the range. Again, I'm just repeating what is far better accomplished in the video, and in which he does this for the specific caliber and cartridge. This is very specific. There can be no error here, the ballistics data is nearly 100% accurate, and can be counted on to reflect an accurate picture of the shooters locations with the greatest possible error of maybe a couple feet, otherwise in measured tests the factory data for the ballistics would be accurate to inches or less.

So no, there's no assumptions going on here. These acoustics are well known. The FBI probably has a precise sound graph for each and every single caliber and bullet made. I would be highly surprised if they did not. They have the ability, the knowledge, and the expertise to have already deduced the precise locations, the calibers being fired, the number of shooters. There is no doubt about that all in my own mind. The FBI is still a kick ass outfit despite all the attempts to destroy it. I'm sure they are quite aware, probably had this all figured in the first 15 to 30 minutes quite frankly. At least someone upstairs knew. So ya know....why then are we being told something else? See it's not like you yourself cannot do this same stuff. It's really not that hard.

You can be sure Rick is well aware of this as well. Probably has friends in places which put him up to it. The idea is to shine light on the lies, and that the lies are being directed from someone, somewhere's, and they have a reason for doing it. That's what I think anyways.

As another example, the military already has machines which instantly produce triangulated plots to identify snipers, and these are using echo's for triangulation. Robotic response to sniper fire with nearly 100% accuracy is already a reality. Point is, this is well a traveled field, completely known, studied, graphed, plotted, charted, and had the tail pinned on the donkey long time ago. The military doesn't waste all the money we give it ya know.
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