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Follow the money

"Not to say that MGM is entirely clean since its operation in Macau partners with Pansy Ho, the daughter of Stanley, the capo of that triad-controlled speck of rock."
" If anything the shooting spree further damaged Dubai's interests at the CityCenter,"
"The assault on the Route 91 Harvest Festival can be plausibly and in all likelihood linked to an increasingly fractious intra-Arab dispute, which is behind the blockade of Qatar by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. "
"This blood feud, Arab stylem is an obvious factor in the jihadist paramilitary assault in Vegas, The Strip shootings are being hushed up to prevent Qatar succeeding in its counterattack against the Saudi-UAE-US coalition, which is aimed at fracturing the petrodollar system"
"That means the Emirate of Qatar’s heroic assault on the petrodollars cycled through the Vegas casinos is all in vain, and the Federal Reserve Bank boards are assured no loss of sleep. This is a world of evil that allows no room for goodness"
"the multi-target assault affecting the entire Vegas hospitality industry was not designed as a financial play but as a killing field, which nonetheless had a massive impact on the sovereign fund of UAE-Dubai"
Follow The Money Behind The Vegas Job
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