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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
Wasn't there two different caliber weapons used by Paddock? .223 and .308.
I don't think Rick say's that. He says their analysis of the sound shows distinctly that there are two shooters proven by the locations taken in the video's by their sound recordings. This is very simple stuff. Detective 101 really. I'm quite sure this not news to the FBI...LOL...which is quite competent when it's allowed to do it's job. Most of whom are patriotic people whom have families and love America as much as you and I do. So that's not the problem.

See the problem is the official story, and that official story flies in the face of manifest truths, truths so easily obtained that denial is imbecilic, so why then are these lies being told? See this is where the rubber meets the road. Understanding this part is to understand the method of operation to overthrowing a nations political system, and which includes the destruction of it's money.

Understand that the value of any nations money is tied to the integrity of it's political system, which includes things not specifically political such as that nations security services. Police, FBI, News Sources, ect.

What this lying tells you is that....

Ultimately, a guerrilla war is being mounted upon the people of the United States of America's Political System, and the why is all about money and debt.

This is about money first, and a new political system second. It's about lots and lots of money. It's also about the Men whom want to crown themselves your new kings. This is not a joke. This is their plan and you and your kids and our laws are all up for grabs in their plan.

The banksters and Insurance Scammers screwed the American People. They sold and invented a bunch of schemes over the last 20 years putting hundreds of trillions of dollars of debt upon the American People. Zerohedge as well as great people like Max Kieser, Jim Willie, Bix Weir, Clif High, Catherine Austin Fitts, Joseph Farrell, and many many others have been telling us all about this for decades now.

Point is, this money went into someone's pockets from other peoples pockets. Think of how this works like a street level punk might rob someone. They convince people to buy these stocks in insurance dividends, which are really unbelievable scams, I mean you can't believe the scamming on this stuff, but anyhow someone, some jerk managing your 401K for example, might buy a boat load of these. What they are buying is a promise note that these insurance whatevers will pay X dollars over X years and so on and so forth. Well the problem is it's all fantasy and the debts they are buying are like buying a portion of promise that if I crash my car you're going to get X dollars for buying a portion of an insurance policy on the tail light. OK? It's that bad. So the idea here is that trillions of dollars in promissory notes, often held by individuals over entire nations, are all bogus bull crap wrapped in trillions of dollars of fake promises that can never be paid by anyone.

For this scam to work the value of the US Dollar has to be destroyed. That's what you need to really grasp first and foremost. It cannot be destroyed by military might. The US military cannot be defeated. Trust me they have tools.

The only way, a proven way, is to destroy the faith in the political system. You can do that by creating an ethos of distrust. This has/is being accomplished on all fronts.

I see just today that the rats in govcorp gave Equifax an IRS contract...LOL!
So you see this is intentional. The corrupt got marching orders to do the absolute wrong thing on purpose. It's intentional and it's being done to piss you off and hate your own government. See how that works?

Same thing with this shooting. Idiot lies, supported by a completely corrupted treasonous media, and so for what ends? To again make you distrust and hate your government is why.

The end goal is that the hatred will end with a complete collapse of faith in the political system. With that comes a collapse in the US Dollar. When a nations political system collapses, so too does the value of it's money unless that money is itself valuable, like say made of precious metals for example. Good luck with those Zinc Coins.

OK...Following along are we? So this whole slaughter, complete with idiot stories, which fools think are necessary to quell the masses from complete panic, are really serving the destruction of their own nation by doing this.

Instead of just saying we have an unidentified internal enemy and we need your help and this is what we know, they are being told to do the opposite by corrupted higher authority....don't ya see....and so the idea here is that you're going to begin to really hate these people the next time round when it's your kid who's head is blown off.

Expect more, not less, with the specific purpose of enjoining hate to destroy the very political system the enemy themselves corrupted with pedophiles, crooks, and murders. They put them there to use and now they is being used.

OK, so the whole idea here is to bring on a collapse of this putrid mess in order to destroy the value of the dollar. Now...this is because these debts promises held by idiots are going to be voided in this way. See the crooks already have the money, the idiots have paper promises. Now lets destroy the money and that destroys the hope of ever having to pay these monthly mortgage payments back to your 401K manager ....ah...forever as it were.

Are you all getting the drift here? I've framed this crudely so that the gist of the criminal game can be understood without too much complexity.
I would advise avoiding crowds anywhere...and I do mean anywhere. There is an increasing sense of urgency in this criminal design. Read danger there.
Do not run out and start buying handguns, rifles, bullets. Leave bloodletting to the people who know how to use these tools. Instead use good sense.
Be aware and be alert. Avoid crowds at all costs.

Remember that most people are good people and have faith in your fellow humans.
"The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."

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