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Originally Posted by rickoff View Post
Good video, and shows evidential proof rather than mere speculation. So many things about this event that paint the official story as a false narrative.
Yes he does a super job on this, but IMOP the real issue behind all this which isn't being noticed by the unwashed masses of useless eaters.....that's us folks... and which is the final objective is: Why your life's work is soon to become worthless.

A fundamental aspect of any stable monetary system is a certain level of faith in that societies own systems of government and the official narrative of information which comes out of it. This includes the propaganda mediums of that society, which in our case is the billionaire broadcasting network.

When this faith collapses, so too does the faith in that societies monetary system. Usually in a mass panic.

What the FBI and all the Congressional Critters don't get is how these people (The Main Stream Media Primarily) are engineering a collapse of the existing monetary system which is based on the US Dollar by fabricating lies that fly in the face of observed facts and rational deductions.

Whether or not events are real is almost immaterial. The mere belief that lies and falsehoods are permitted creates a corrosive force which eventually will peak in ultimate distrust and subsequent collapse of government and authority.

The object of war isn't to conquer land, it's to replace political systems, and that's what this will bring about, and in so doing it will mean the complete annihilation of wealth held in US Dollars. It will destroy the existing global financial system as we understand it presently. All debts payable upon demand in US Dollars will become void as bankruptcy itself voids a debt with all dollars going up in a giant atomic bomb like smoke cloud. Naturally I hope to have some canned food when this happens.

So you see, the drive to get the guns is precisely because this is all planned and the last thing these people want is an outraged population looking for the responsible parties whom are armed and pissed off with ropes in hand. Like every single thing these criminals do, it's all planned out to maximize their grip over all the rest of us, which includes disarming all of us naturally enough.
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