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Hi all, Hi dragon, I'm also glad that you freely share your creativity, this realm would be a sad place, if nobody gave freely of themselves in some way.

Yes, what you have described about your circuit variations, is exactly what I thought your intentions were.

I tried the top circuit, the one that came into mind and it works well, though i used a computer power supply, as input to the boost converter and i could see the colored leds that are in the psu, dim at times, though the killawatt meter showed an average of 50 watts.
I'm sure if using a 12 volt battery instead of computer power supply and a capacitor buffer, it would be better, because i don't think the load was getting the amps it could have.

I then tested your bottom circuit variation and it seems to work fine also, the 30 watt, very low ohm resistor load was heating up quick.

Like i said, i don't know how efficient it is to discharge and charge the same battery like that, i'm going to say the battery probably doesn't like it so much.
Though since i still have that circuit variation setup, i will continue to test it and see what happens.

I also had to wire my two 1.5 farad capacitors in series, to handle the voltage and i also dug up a couple 1 farad car audio caps i had from previous experiments.
I'm using the 1 farads in series, as the buffer off the boost converter.
Testing shall continue.
peace love light
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