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Many good comments at the News Link on this
More than 50 dead, 500 wounded in Las Vegas concert shooting - UPDATES

Many vets are saying that at least one gun is an M240 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) and cannot be a bump-fire weapon because of the sustained fire, where in clips would exhaust their ammo in seconds. I listened to the recording and my immediate conclusion was that I was hearing an M240 SAW. I was a grenadier in the national guard in an infantry unit. At the time we were just beginning to get these in our unit.

The available comparison between the real gunfire and a SAW has already been removed by You Tube. It was available yesterday. Youtube is not our friend. They are blocking freedom of information, and obviously being done to prevent others from making a rational conclusion on physical evidence. This alone should serve to tell you who's got a bone in this. I must ask if Youtube is involved? For what other reason can they be doing this? Their actions appears to an aggressive attempt to prevent truth being displayed before the eyes and ears of America. Aiding and abetting an enemy of the United States is High Treason. This is really an act of war on the American People. Stop calling it terrorism. Machine guns opening up on crowded malls is not terrorism. It's an act of open warfare.

We have an internal enemy within and it appears to be supported by a foreign nation, backed by billionaires, and whom are attempting to overthrow the Bills of Rights on all fronts.

A bevy of photo's an info now at this site. One graphic one of dead Steven Paddock. I'm in agreement with the generalities at this site, but this is also a known disinformation site. I would be deeply suspicious of what now appears an attempt to paint the Russians into this by way of organized crime hijacking the Jewish Mafia: That I doubt very much. Read this out take with some salt.
Russia Identifies Las Vegas Shooter As CIA Arms Pilot As Israel Probes Stolen Weapons Flight To Nevada

Stephen Paddock’s “deep cover” activities in Nevada, this report further details, are being described by the MOSSAD as his working with an FBI informant named Marilou Danley who was tasked by this American intelligence agency to report on Russian mafia persons living in Las Vegas—and who is now reported to be back in the United States under the protection of the FBI.

Among the covert “actions” performed by Stephen Paddock for the CIA while in Nevada, this report continues, was his brokering a deal with the Russian mafia to obtain a computer malware programme this criminal organization created—and that once obtained by the CIA, allowed them create their “Grasshopper” spying programme that allows its users to detect if a target device is running a specific version of Microsoft Windows, or if an antivirus programme is running.

The importance of the Russian mafia in understanding this “Pyramid Sacrifice” massacre, this report details, is that over the past decade they have flooded into Las Vegas in massive numbers—but not from Russia, but from Israel—where, since at least 1998, they have taken over the Israeli underworld."

"The hotel owner was supposedly a rabid anti-Trumper pro Killary, and the owner of the property the concert was on is pro-Trumper. Bad-blood between the two apparently."
Comment from here
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