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Originally Posted by SkyWatcher View Post
Hi all, i have an idea I'm going to try.
It is based off of dragons double pass circuit drawing, fig.2, in his charge pump compare pic.

I will use one 12 volt battery to power my dc/dc boost converter, the output from that boost converter, will replace the battery shown, though i will set the voltage at some higher level, depending on what is best.

Then, i will have another 12 volt battery, on the other switching leg, in series with the capacitor and a low resistance, high power load.

I feel this will work well, because the capacitor will always, only be discharged to 12 volts, or whatever the secondary battery voltage level is at.
The higher voltage on capacitor, should help reduce amp draw on the boost converter.
Also, the boost converter will be switched out of the other circuit, similar to bedinis cap dump circuits, so the charge battery and load will be floating, to then receive the capacitor dump.

By this method also, we can swap the 12 volt battery positions, for extended run time.
Thoughts welcome.
peace love light
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