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Originally Posted by Wistiti View Post
When you said you pulsed the hot water heater all day long, is it with the same battery without charging it..?? If so I will really love to know how you achieve it! Right now I have interesting results but my battery drain flat in couple hours.

Ricards I will love to see your next setup!
yo wistiti,

glad to be working on the same project again!

you could try the switching scheme I had on my video, you can see the battery would not run down fast this way (it might not run down at all ), its like putting the battery at C3 Position but you have to charge C1 every cycle.


this has some drawback though,, if you put your load on the coil in that schematics you would only power it by the potential difference of your battery and the capacitor, (usually half your battery voltage 6-7 volts).

If you power your load in between capacitor (@ SW3) you would be powering at an unspecified voltage (I could not get any measurement) but this is the optimum location of the load as the release of that capacitor as it discharge to the battery is instantaneous it would be as if the only resistance was your load and the wire that connects it. BUT.. of course another drawback is you would only get output 1/3 of the time unlike your current configuration.
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