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Fascism, globalism, and the unraveling of society

As automation reduces employment, consumption and profit, The ruling class of the world have done their best to consolidate control. The "Patriot Act" and many similar actions are designed to remove all chance of dissent.
The Ohio national guard murdered 4 anti-war protesters at Kent State. The deep State has done it's best to gut the constitution. Fascism is defined as a centralized autocratic government. Add to this, rule by oligarchs. In the interest of more efficient control, these oligarchs work to spread their influence worldwide.
The Eurozone was sold as the "dreams of Charlemagne" come to life. It is completely fascist with unelected people pulling all the strings.
Armstrong, "In Barcelona, many people asked if I thought the pro-independence parties in Spain’s Catalonia region would actually win. I told them it was inevitable as this is the global trend in motion. "
"Thousands have taken to the streets in protest of what is clearly a full blown restoration of Spanish fascism."
When Madrid signed on to the Eurozone, they agreed to an article that all people must have self-determination. When the Basques tried to get some "self-determination", Madrid passed a law that NOBODY could vote for self-determination. The Catalans have done just that and, Brussels is silent. The fascist agenda must continue, no matter the cost.

Poland "Poland represents a major threat to the EU. The entire idea of the EU was the propaganda that Member States would successively grow into a real Union through a longer integration process. GDP was supposed to grow, not decline, and the threat of war would vanish by surrendering sovereignty to Brussels. In reality, the exact opposite has unfolded. GDP has progressively declined and the risk of a European war has been increased with the idea of surrendering sovereignty to Brussels."
The EU bureaucracy sucks up billions of Euros just to pay the salaries of do-nothing pols in Brussels. It's a giant self-serving scam for bureaucrats.

Spanish Prime Minister is as fascist as you can get. He sent in 16,000 military to stop the voting. When Barcelona countered that, he sent in the brutal, Guardia Civil. It's a whole new world now, with the internet. The GC beat up thousands of people. Rajoy is WAY out of understanding what this will do to his support in Brussels,,, and around the world.
"Because this very much concerns the EU. As Julian Assange tweeted “Dear @JunckerEU. Is this “respect for human dignity, freedom and democracy”? Activate article 7 and suspend Spain from the European Union for its clear violation of Article 2.” (Article 7 of the European Union Treaty: “Suspension of any Member State that uses military force on its own population.”
"So unless very strong statements come from the various capitals, and very soon, given that they’re already way too late, the EU as a whole will find itself in such a deep crisis it might as well pack its bags and go home. Wherever home may be for these career politicians. "
The fascists have no desire to let go of the authority they have grabbed.
"Make no mistake: the Spanish military have long threatened they would destroy Catalonia before allowing it independence. "

"And so we can see the dream of a united Europe die. At least one that most people will feel comfortable living in. And if you can’t achieve that, why have a union to begin with? Democracy in Europe is dying in Brussels, it’s dying in Greece and the Mediterranean, and it died today in the streets of Barcelona and other Catalan locations."

Global fascism (the absence of democracy) is a total failure on the economic front. Consolidating fascist control is falling apart as the economy falls apart. The Kurds, Scots, Catalans and many others want independence. There are claims that this is simply, divide and conquer by the PTB. I don't think so. It looks more like, herding cats.
The EU wanted to form a EU army,,, supposedly to counter Russia. Nigel Farage called their bluff and told them that there wasn't the slightest hope of countering Russia. The EU army was just a force to ensure that fascism always won.

"this vote is the BEGINNING of the separatist movement around the world. Centralized government is dying. Society has always swung back and forth between centralized government and regional government. Once a centralized government grabs power it always expands until it consumes all power."
"The separatist movement is the breaking up of federal governments and the return of power back to regional governments. This movement is fueled by taxes, the diminishing trend in employment, and a lower standard of living.

The Catalonia vote comes right on target with the Economic Confidence Model. This turning point is PROFOUND, for it is not the crash in stock markets, commodities, or the private sector. This is the BEGINNING of the trend, which will see the fall of governments and the rise in demands for political change EVERYWHERE."
"November 21, 2018 will be the major target moving forward for political chaos"

According to Armstrong, this isn't just about the Catalans, Scots, Kurds, et al. He PREDICTED the Catalan crisis when it wasn't on anybody's radar. What other crises are brewing / festering? The actions at the Bundy Ranch were spectacularly maddening. There are a lot of people in America who do not want to be pushed around by a bunch of thugs from D.C. They are nearing their limit and they have drawn a line in the sand.
Sipsey Street Irregulars: No more free Wacos. A National Three Percent Declaration Regarding the Situation in Harney County, Oregon. "Why would I want to do that? There's plenty of you federal sonsa*****es around here."

Armstrong predicts a crash in public debt. How will FED GOV maintain it's power base if that happens? How will the 50 States survive when they don't even have a printing press? FED GOV killed Possee Comitatus for a reason. How far will it go using the military against the people?
Fascism bet the farm on tightly restrictive globalism. Humans don't breed well in captivity and economic growth has come to an end. Only 6 states benefited from globalism. Fascist control of a dying economy is like, slow dancing in a burning room.
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