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Pulse Width Conversion

Originally Posted by Ajay View Post
Hey Aaron,
Input to the LMD circuit was 10v peak to peak square wave at 50% duty cycle.
The output pulse width was about .5ms. The pulse width remained constant as higher frequencies were reached, but the pulse repetition rate and spectral density increased.
The inductance and capacitance values were within very tight margins of each other (+- 5% max).

I was pretty bummed because I have made several attempts to recreate this circuit and I couldn't seem to get one wire transmission or any other Tesla coil effects. I tried using multiple types of amps, with and without resistors (to meet impedance requirements for the amps), and it didn't produce the expected results either.

Any insight from Eric would be awesome.
Ajay I need to know what the input pulse width vs output pulse width is. In other words, the rectangle in vs the impulse out. Since I go back into the bush soon, mail it to Lone Pine with details. The extra ordinary effect you seek are only exhibited in my composite Alexanderson Network with interdependent TEM & LMD propagations. I gave a short description of it in my " Multiple Co-ordinate Systems " presentation.73 DE N6KPH

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