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As I have stated before, I believe the Zero Force motor is the greatest gift John B. gave us. I have built SEVERAL different models of the ZFM, and am hopeful that a larger version will provide the motive force to turn my generator. The version we are working with now is NOT exactly the version Peter L. built and John B. later demonstrated, but runs on the same principles. It has much more torque while still running on next to NOTHINGin input. The ZFM needs no iron in the core to work.

Batteries charge best when there is a pulse. That's why a pulse motor on the 3 Battery system is better than an off the shelf motor. The higher the frequency of the pulse, and the sharper the gradient, the better result you will get. Period. It is NOT magic. It is fact. I am not the first one to say this and I hope I am not the last. It is ALL in the old patents for those who read and research.
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