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More comments on Al's diagram

I am in the midst of drawing a simplified schematic more clearly showing the circuitry, and I will post it when it is ready. There are a few errors in the diode polarity and such in the presentation, but for an engineer it is easy enough to discern the actual function of the circuits without needing to go into complete detail. This version of the Gray technology is the 1979 power supply, and is apparently different from the previous versions, which used vibrators or spark gaps. COP for this version is unknown. It is my opinion at this point, subject to more information, that the power supply is really just that, a DC to DC converter that is making HV from the battery voltage at a power level of some hundreds of watts. Other than the odd primary coils, and the paired secondary windings of the transformer, there does not seem to be anything unusual going on. The conventional solid state circuit is complex mainly due to the type of devices available at the time (i.e. low beta), and it could be made more simply with present FETs, etc. Also, it is said that Hackenberger may have made intentionally misleading changes to the supply to obfuscate its actual function.
(More to follow).

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