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Right now, all these so-called helpful technologies like AI, the so called artificial intelligence, that's got nothing to do with intelligence. It's got everything to do with fooling you. Remember the stories which surfaced after 9/11 where people said they talked to loved ones on the planes and in the towers, and though they sounded like the same person, the people calling didn't think they were actually talking to the person they knew? Now...put it together. How are you going to know that who you're talking to on that stupid cell phone is the person you called? How are you going to know that in the event of another supposed disaster that the people you call are even going to be alive?

In a piece meal operation, with clueless authority tasked with tagging and bagging, with whole regions shut off to travel under some invention, without being able to physically check on anyone, that's what AI is there for. To fake you out till they get to your neighborhood. Artificial Intelligence, which is really machine intelligence is already posing as posters on the net. We know this. You can find the info. It's out there.

Considering the history here with cyclotronic resonance I have to seriously wonder about the supposed agents of disease which have reared their head. AID's for example, is that really an acquired immunity disorder or is there more going down? People need to realize that this collection of Billionaires constitute a global organized crime ring. They profit from all these things. They control the labs, the education, and thus the beliefs of those who try to solve a problem which they cannot since they may well not even be looking in the right area. We are talking the complete overthrow of all law and all rights except for those who have plotted this out and it is real.

So what I expect is something like a supposed epidemic, whole area's under military authority and quarantined, oh but ya know you can call and check up on your loved ones...right? Yep, they is just fine and dandy alright. We are talking about a man made disease who's modus operandi is so far removed from conventional health care that doctors would as clueless as they were when the black death swept through Europe, that is if there are any left alive to even bother to look at what your problem is; festering sores or whatever, like who cares about you in a situation like that?

The worst part of all this is that many will know it's true, just look to your own heart and there is the truth, so you know this is true. What a sad epitaph; a species who's sole survivors consist of psychopaths so insane that the only things they love is the idea that by their own hand they can play God over the lives of all life on earth, for these tools can also eliminate all other life just as easily, be they human, animal, or even plant life. I think I'm beginning to see a new way to control the slaves by starvation. What do you think?

My suggestion is that people who understand the mechanics consider the possible, and then for a counter measure, because it's a pretty sure bet we are all going to need one before too much longer.
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