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Hmmm.....well ya know I spent a large portion of my own life working around cops and law enforcement. I could comment extensively but that's a distraction. THIS....Because it's related to my own research reared it's ugly head. Electron Cyclotron Resonance and the Cell Towers.

Watch this, because ya know...Chemtrails are just a conspiracy theory...Right...Right? The United States Military is effectively already an enemy of it's own citizens. The materials their aircraft have placed inside your body, right now, were put there to kill you upon the push of a button from your cell phone providers. Whom again just happen to be billionaires naturally enough. This is absolute proof that you do not have a government. Those cell towers are the enabling tools to absolute rule. Resist and die, or you could stop paying for your own death, but this is, of course, all just another conspiracy theory ...right? I mean this can't be true can it?

At least you will know what killed you, or made you blind, and maybe if you're really lucky you can drive the car into the closest tower when the order to cleanse the useless eaters is given but I doubt it. Enjoy those phones now because they didn't give a bunch of savages those for no reason.

Hmmm...all those coffins and body bags and Walmart Conversions....
Ya think that maybe....The Kool Aid had something else in it?

See...the whole thing is planned out. You're all as good as dead right this second. They could kill every single one of us right now if they wanted to. It's in the vaccines too, whatever it is they have planned, the Zombie (*Flu) Shots they have been shilling like there was no tomorrow...gee wonder what that's about huh? What was that stuff that caused people to go nuts and run round naked eating peoples faces off....Oh yea... a new designer drug...right...right. Gullible Fools... like when was the last time the Billionaire Broadcasting Network told you anything that was true?

"The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."

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