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lurkers waiting to see something of interest that they can run off and sell, making money off the hard work of others, as was done with the modified motor Matt Jones designed and was generous enough to share here.

end quote

Somebody stole Matts open source work for their own personal gain??

please post their contact info [or send it to me ]?

if this is really verifiable ,it cannot go unanswered ,and I would gladly go way out of my way to stop by and visit such a person [if they are anywhere in the
NE corridor between NYC and Boston.

this should not be like taking candy from a baby, there needs to be consequences for open source thief's.

I have been outa the loop a long time ,will touch base later
Thx for all you do, you truly are 1 in a million

small comment on recently banned Joe,I completely support that choice [since in this case its the only choice]
I just wanted folks to know that Joe suffered a traumatic brain injury many years ago and seems to be unable to understand,

I had spoken to him last year [similar issue at Stefan's]...he has a very ruff situation ,he is a good man with good intentions

if you are so inclined
"say a prayer"

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