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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Lately I have not been on the forum much,
mostly because I have realized that there are so few builders here
and the forum is filled with lurkers waiting to see something of interest
that they can run off and sell, making money off the hard work
of others...........
Don't worry in 10 years or so when we are long gone someone will
find these messages. They will reply and like I did trying to find a
reply from Dave Lawton on his circuit to split water.

There really are that few people who are like we are. When you are a
bright light, you shine, the absence of which some seem to grovel in.

I am glad you reposted the Benitez thought, then last week was it
you suggested the same when you showed a bank of caps in series
then some in parallel.

That patent is hard to read. I am reading it again. How many Tesla's
were there? How many Matt's? How many Turion's? How many do you
think? I have lived all over the USA. Been to thousands of social
gatherings in many places meeting 10's of thousands.

What I found out was staggering. What I found out is that 99.9999
percent of the people want baseball, football, basketball or things like
racing, musical events, something where they can follow what everyone
else is doing. They are peer pressure driven and that is the way is
should be. That is the way it was meant to be.

Hello .0001 percent, welcome to the lonely lead.

You guys are my hero's, I don't care about the rest. You guys are it.

It is lonely at the top.

I know I been here since childhood. Here is the patent I am reading and
am reminded of Matt's past entries using coils in conjunction with
charge transfers. T Switch.

I wondered if the double transformer in this patent might be acting
in a sort of reflection mode? What is it called? Phase conjugate mirror?


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