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Originally Posted by joe_born_again View Post
Free Energy from a GEM perpetual power supply is so simple, that it can be
generate with a large 100 cm circumference pulley attached to a DC motor, + at least one mini-pulley of 1 cm
circumference, connected to an AC generator of the same voltage, 4 diodes - to build a full wave bridge rectifier,
some wire to connect your electrical components together, and a belt to connect the two pulleys together.
The way this works, is that you are using the 100 cm of moving belt off of one rotation of your large 100 cm
circumference pulley, which does not cost 100 times more power to rotate than a 1 cm circumference pulley,
yet if you run this 100 cm of moving belt past a 1 cm circumference pulley, you would gain a multiple of 100
cycles of AC electricity,,,,,,,,,,,, all from one spark of DC current..
The best part about this is, you can get a return of 100 cycles of AC electricity for as many mini-pulleys that
choose to attach to the same belt. So if you added 10 mini-pulleys, you could gain a multiple of 1000 cycles of
free AC electricity. These mini-pulleys + AC generators would truly run extremely freely, because although
you are winding up massive voltage with them, (exactly what you need to crank over your large 100 cm pulley)
you only need to generate the one spark of DC current, to rotate your DC drive motor. Torque is caused when
generating power, and power is calculated by multiplying voltage times current, so even though you are winding
up massive voltage, it is multiplied by practically zero current, so in the end you are generating practically zero
power, costing practically zero torque.
You are seemingly cheating the laws of thermodynamics by using pulley mechanics to multiply the # of
rotations, and then by adding an AC generator to your mini-pulley, you are actually multiplying AC cycles
of electricity. The AC generator is running very free, as it is only winding up massive voltage, as it only
needs to generate one mere spark of DC current, just enough to rotate your DC drive motor + large 100
cm pulley the one single time.
You got shut down by Stefan and l have moved here to post your drivel.
For Heavens sake, take the advice of experts.