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Sorry I haven't posted in a while. In early July I took a really hard fall and landed on my right shoulder, the result being that I required surgery to reattach two major tendons that were torn loose. I wasn't able to move my arm at all, and after the August 1st surgery I had to continue to wear an immobilizing arm sling up until this point in time. Recovery has been very slow and painful, with physical therapy sessions twice a week after week two. Attempting to type anything with one finger of my left hand has been a real bummer, and even now with fingers of both hands typing it is very tedious and quickly wears me out. Still, I had meant to post something when 9/11 rolled around, but missed that opportunity because I was in much pain that day from a previous physical therapy session. Those therapists should be called physical terrorists! Anyways, what I wanted to share is some news about the latest ongoing effort by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth introduced the proposed Bobby McIlvaine Act to all members of Congress this September 11th, demanding that Congress open an unbiased investigation and use its subpoena power to uncover the full truth surrounding the destruction of the three World Trade Center towers. There are now about 3,000 architects, structural engineers, and demolition experts saying that WTC buildings 1, 2, and 7 were brought down by controlled demolition, that the NIST report was false and unsupportable, and that a new investigation with full subpoena powers must be done. I guess we'll soon see what Congress thinks of that. My guess is that if they do the investigation, it will end up the same as all other congressional investigations - with no one ever being held accountable. Still, they'd have to let the experts speak on the record, and perhaps that would wake up a lot of people who have continued to be duped by the "official" 9/11 storyline. The lamestream media would all say it is just hogwash of course, but these days there aren't many who would believe them. After all, who knows more about high rise structures - architects and structural engineers, or TV pundits and corrupt government apologists and naysayers?
"Seek wisdom by keeping an open mind to alternative realities, questioning authority, and searching for truth. Only then, when you see or hear something that has 'the ring of truth' to it, will it be as if a veil has been lifted, and suddenly you will begin to hear and see far more clearly than ever before." - Rickoff
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