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Mind if I cut in?

Hi Dave (Turion,) Bro Mikey, and others
Aaron suggested I post the question here that I sent him via e-mail WRT release of RS - Split the Positive. I have spent a good part of the last day or two reading thru a good deal of the posts on this subject, including going back to Dave's posts on OU, so pardon my intrusion here. I bought Peter's Bedini SG series over the last few years, and like RS, and you two, I was very interested in the Split the Positive concept. This year I bought Yaro's Zero Force Motor replication of JB and PL.

Please see attached GIF.

Rather than the AA's shown, I was using 3.7 volt, 2500 mAH, LiMn batteries and just manually switching them (I have 2 banks of 8 relays and Arduino to automate the process - also have a isolated comparator circuit from previous projects that can measure the voltage on the battery being charged and then the Arduino can change the configuration based on that, or on time, as Peter Lindemann's demo did.)

The motor is just a permanent magnet DC motor from a cordless drill. It seemed to have a "kick" back into the two batteries in series, and it (or something) wrecked the one in the bottom left position - actually reversed it so the positive pole was now negative. I got it to flip back to positive is positive with Bedini 1AU charger - but it would never come back up above 1.5 volts.

The diode in the negative to negative connection is similar specs to the high speed switching diode that Peter temporarily connected the same way in his Split the Positive - 3 + 1 (the "resting" battery is important) demo.

Do I need a diode between the left terminal of the motor and the battery in top left position - to keep radiant or Lenz spikes from coming back into the batteries in series? Do I need to pulse the motor? w/o opening up the motor it seems that the magnets are on the rotor and the the coil(s) are the stator - I don't see any sparks from a commutator. I connected it to another PM motor as generator and was getting a solid 12 volts out of it. The initial test was very encouraging until the one battery reversed.

Think I need to punt the LiMn and get a couple more 12 volt 7 AH SLA? (I have 2.)

Thanks for your help, your sharing your experience, and all the huge amount of time you have put into this.

Jim Morrow
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