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Originally Posted by David G Dawson View Post
Email to -

Hello Jeff,
Aaron says for me to contact you as I have had no response to my payment on the 19th for the new EP Dollard Book 'Musical Seismograph'.
The first attempt by Firefox led me to a Click Bank Page that was unresponsive.
Second attempt by Google Chrome took me to a responsive site where I payed via PayPal but there was no 'green bar' to click on for the download as advised in the support notes.
The Page I received was totally different to what your notes describe.
Receipt attached.
Please advise.

David G Dawson

ClickBank PayPal receipt EP Dollard.jpg
David, please forward your paypal receipt to me. If you CC'd me the email to Jeff, I did not receive it. Please discuss this with me by email - not on the forum. We can't help you without the emails. I apologize for the inconvenience, but we can't provide customer service here.
Aaron Murakami

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