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Dear Eric, (If you're still there, hanging out at Aaron's place).

Congratulations on your rebuke of the "flat earth" concept in the recent recorded video.

It does prove that people will believe anything...

I think the primary motive of the so called flat earth movement, is meant to muddy the water as far as ANY so called conspiracy subject, in order to cast them all into the same tin-foil hat, flat-earther, nut-bag conspiracy theorist category... Which is done so to to deliberately, to cast doubt on many other valid subjects which challenges the so called accepted norm, such as faster than light, or similar totally valid anti-establishment-science like subjects...

I wish you all the best in overcoming your health related concerns or issues. - Your coyote like abilities will indeed help with this process.

Best of luck with the engine replacement, hope it goes smooth without any major concerns or issues...

I don't want to blow too much smoke [u. y. a] but there is only one Eric Dollard on the planet, none other like him. - I thank you for the wisdom you have past on to us all... - Including my son Max, a now 5 year old who knows your name and also the name of Nikola Tesla, who grew up whilst listening to the music of Bach, all due to your direct influence...

"Doesn't matter how many times you kick the coyote in the head, it's still gonna eat chickens". - EPD

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