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Originally Posted by t-rex View Post
PP-18 Power Converter

Fine business on your attempts in duplication. It seems no energy anomaly exists, but still the one in the Corolla persists in doing strange things.

Moreover, the "Tesla Converter" also sometimes acts to reverberate the signals like it is making its own signal power by synthesis. Hence, I am not convinced yet that something of an energy anomaly exists but it remains an enigma.
Thank you. Does Peter Lindemann still have the functioning Chris Carson rotary converter? A detailed study of that device, if it produces the claimed effects, would be useful.

There is currently no publicly known testable theory for why such devices might produce any anomaly -- no hypthesized mechanism of action for which the experimenter can design and build an apparatus to test.

(The previously existing theory of dielectric parameter variation, which was never very precise, did not appear to hold up to my experiments.)

In absence of a theoretical underpinning the experimenter is reduced to "firing bullets into the dark," building devices according to plans, with no real idea of why.

And in absence of a working model the experimenter without a theory has no reality which can be tested in order to develop a theory.
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