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Originally Posted by t-rex View Post
The receiver is a RT-66 out of a AN/GRC-9 setup. It is an excellent telluric radio since it has a "Tesla" front end. The coil is from the old Longitudinal Borderland video.

Transverse & Longitudinal Electric Waves and Tesla's Longitudinal Electricity - Eric P. Dollard - Official Homepage

73 de n6kph

Are you saying that you modified the radio to add a "Tesla" front end?
Or, if I go on the surplus market and pick up a GRC-9 radio set, the radio will have the "tesla" front end built in?

In the video I linked ( ) there is no large external coil like you show in the Longitudinal Borderland videos, unless I missed something.

I assume you are talking about this video:

There you show a large external coil out on the sand being used with the radio.

It's a very cool demonstration.

However the RT-66 radio in the original video ( ) is not nearly big enough to hide that large coil inside the case.

The RT-66 also appears to be connected directly to the fire hydrant. There is no large external coil anywhere near it, as far as I can see.

How is it possible to receive directly out of the ground using the RT-66, without the large external coil?
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