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Originally Posted by t-rex View Post
ricards, eliminate the physics notion of charge from your mind. steinmetz calls it a 'pre-historic notion' , see impulses waves and discharges book. 3 condensers in series, the dielectric induction distributes itself into the space between the plates or foils of the 3 condensers, that is why they are called condensers they condense dielectricity. if all 3 condensers are of equal capacity the dielectric induction divides itself into thirds, one third for each. however, inside the connecting conductors the induction contracts into its molecular dimensions. see jj thompson, electricity and matter.

73 de n6kph
Hi Eric,

Thanks that makes much more sense, I will look at those books, got a copy of it.
I have another question hope you could answer too,

How do you see the Magnetism as the "Swirling of Aether", is it something like an underwater swirling vortex caused by an underwater current?

Thanks V. much
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