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ricards, eliminate the physics notion of charge from your mind. steinmetz calls it a 'pre-historic notion' , see impulses waves and discharges book. 3 condensers in series, the dielectric induction distributes itself into the space between the plates or foils of the 3 condensers, that is why they are called condensers they condense dielectricity. if all 3 condensers are of equal capacity the dielectric induction divides itself into thirds, one third for each. however, inside the connecting conductors the induction contracts into its molecular dimensions. see jj thompson, electricity and matter.

73 de n6kph
Hello Eric, what was the spacing (10 feet apart?) of your 24 ground rods in the San Andreas, San Bernardino fault lines with your 500 feet of silicon bronze wire you talked about several years ago? Did you bury the bronze wire or was it on the surface? Gauge of wire used?

What pattern did you use in laying out the ground rods?
In a circle or oval? or one straight line? Or several lines from a center collection point? or...

What would be the best layout and spacing to collect ground telluric electricity for say 24 to 60 qty of 8 foot long ground rods?

Barbosa and Leal, Brazilian researchers are powering homes and factories with their ground "electron captor" devices down there. THere is also Tread on this forum talking about this.
Thanks and keep up the good work!

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