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@ Aaron

Thank you for your reply and consideration to my question.

During a normal Moon cycle, I do not believe the Earth is blocking a part of the Moon during the day when the Sun is in the sky and so is the Moon (crescent or otherwise). I have had troubles at times finding it when it's out during the day as a thin crescent but have still been able to find it. Just as I'm sure you have, I observe the sky day and night for years with charting of my batteries in relation to the Sun and Moon being top dead center and all other positions. What is being told to us doesn't make sense and I think Raju (another Sun) is a good possibility to explain this.

My SINCERE APOLOGIES as I did not intend to ask an off-topic question as Eric studied the Sun for 6 years at Sonoma State so I thought this would apply. Sorry, for getting off track as that was not my intention.

Thank you immensely Aaron for your time and all that you do for us all!!!
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