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* * LHC group works very hard to discover new particles.
* In accelerators the particles* smash into each other.
* What is the purpose of accelerators* project ?
The purpose is to produce new particles and understand their
inner structure and ,maybe,* to find the primary particle of nature.
'' On 8 October 2013 the Nobel prize in physics was awarded jointly to
François Englert* and Peter Higgs "for the theoretical discovery of
a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass
of subatomic particles ''
Very well.
But the principle of acceleration says:
The higher the energy of acceleration the more changes to discover new particles.
So, if energy of LHC will be higher then new particles will be discovered.
But the energy of LHC is limited by Earth sizes.
The Earth conditions is limited to have very - very high energy and therefore
our knowledge to understand the primary quantum particle using LHC is useless.
On the other hand, Lee Smolin wrote: '‘ the brightest and best- educated scientists’'
work very hard to develop the* ''string theory''
They hope that* the truth is hidden in the ‘' string theory ’'.
But to observe string particle needs* LHC roughly the size of the solar system.
It is impossible to create such LHC.
So, string theory is mathematical and no physical project.
We know that* the purpose of accelerators* project is: to study new particles
after the particles* was smashed* into each other.
Then physicists begin to calculate the energy before and after smashing,
in order to* ''The Law of Conservation and Transformation energy/mass''

In different time i read two different books
(one physicists was rassian, other physicists was amatican- israeli)
They explain the situation after smashing in obvious way:

Image, that not two particles , but two buses / trucks smash into each other.
As result of this accident* we have:* 2 helicopters,* 3 cars, 7 motor-cycles,
15 bicycles, 20 carriages and cloud of butterflies.
It is very hard to calculate their* energy and* it needs very highly skilled
mathematicians to make this work.
( because many butterflies- particles live very -very short time)

Reading this explanation i was very surprised.*

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