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@ Eric, Raju/Invisible Sun

Hello Aaron & Hello Eric!

Based on pure logic and trajectory I refuse to believe the moon is the reason we had the total solar eclipse... I watch the moon, sun, sky, weather, etc., often throughout all times of the year. If the moon was the reason I would see it enter and pass the sun during the day, but we do not.

Vedics as well as Indigenous groups in Colombia and others in Central and South America believe that Raju (2nd Sun that is invisible to our eye) is the reason for this.

I've been charting my batteries being charged via solid state open loop circuits from potential difference and always note moon phases, sun, time of day, etc. The 2 weeks prior to the solar eclipse my batteries have been off the charts like I've never seen.

Eric, does Raju play a larger role in powering our planet more than the visible sun?

Anything you're comfortable with sharing would be immensely appreciated, THANKS!!!

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