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10% off when you pay with Bitcoin or Ether

Until further notice, you'll get 10% off your basket total when you pay with Bitcoin or Ether.

The Crystal Radio Initiative Calculator has also been updated and is now even easier to use! No longer is it necessary to display every unit of measurement on the screen to cause a confusing mess of numbers - now just select the units you're working with, and that's all you'll see!

The downloadable Advanced calculator includes integrated coil analysis, copper weight calculation, and an optional hollow primary conductor input. The MS Excel version also features a diagram with text overlay which updates according to your inputs and selections - see the images below. The Advanced calculator is available here:

Advanced Crystal Radio Initiative Calculator - Tesla Scientific

The free online version calculates all the essential Crystal Radio Initiative parameters as specified by Eric Dollard, plus a few extras for your convenience:

Free Crystal Radio Initiative Calculator For Desktop - Tesla Scientific

The free Tablet and Phone versions have also been discontinued and replaced with a single "Mobile" version designed to be viewed on smaller screens:

Free Crystal Radio Initiative Calculator For Mobile - Tesla Scientific



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