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Originally Posted by qbjorn View Post
What's up with Clickbank?

I've tried about 10 times now to order the Paul Babcock presentation without luck. Different browsers. computers and IP-addresses - all with failed results.
Clickbank either says that my card is invalid and I have to try another card even though I choose Paypal which I know works, or it says offer expired even if I try to order without the coupon code.

The same thing happened to me last week with the Paul LaViolette presentation but I managed to order it a couple of days later but then without the 25% off (still using the same Paypal account...).

I think you should consider to sell your presentations through some other online trader who actually wants to sell it to the customers!
I apologize for that - Clickbank has worked almost perfect for the last 10 years for us and has only started to experience these problems in the last few weeks.

They're aware of some of the problems and I'm getting them to take a look at the fact that their merchant system is declining perfectly good cards.

If there is a discount for something and the Clickbank system doesn't work, you can make payment direct to PayPal at our shop at emediapress dot com paypal email. But make sure to email help at emediapress dot com to let us know what the payment is for and we'll email a directly download link.

If Clickbank doesn't resolve this soon, we'll explore other options.
Aaron Murakami

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