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* Why the Quantum* Theory* cannot be explained in the common sense ?

* Why the Quantum* Theory* cannot be explained in the common sense ?
One of the reason -* we don't know the geometrical form of quantum particle.
q/particle as a point cannot be real particle.
q/particle as a string is subjective opinion.
Physicists chose string (with Planck's length but without thickness ) only because
it can vibrate and therefore make waves.
they don't show the physical conditions which can allow the string exist.
i think that q/particle must have geometrical form of membrane.**
a) point under strong microscope will be looked as a membrane/circle.
b) string to be string* is heeded force in two different direction -
without forces string would change its form into circle (without thickness)
c) and most important:
there is physical law that says that q/particle must be circle/membrane.
To understand this confirmation we need to see q/particle in its reference frame,
because conditions of surrounding space has strong influence on its creatures.
For example:
conditions of ocean allow to create different kinds of fish,
conditions of savanna allow to create giraffes (for example)
and specific conditions of Antarctica (not conditions of North Pole)* created penguins.
So, to understand q/particle we need to know its reference frame.
In 1928 Dirac showed that quantum particles can be in two stats;
negative -E=Mc^2 and positive +E=Mc^2.
Negative particles* -E=Mc^2* are antiparticles / virtual particles
and positive particles +E=Mc^2 are electrons (for example)
Virtual particles exist in 'Dirac sea' - vacuum -* and somehow they can appear as
real particles:** Casimir effect, Lamb shift.
Which geometrical form can have q/particle in vacuum: T=0K ?
J. Charles law ( 1787)* says : when the temperature falls 1 degree,
the volume decreases 1/273. And when the temperature reaches -273 degree
the volume disappears and particles become " flat figures ".
Charle's law" was confirmed by other physicists: Gay-Lussac, Planck, Nernst, Einstein .
These " flat figures " have the geometrical form of a circle, as from all flat figures
the circle has the most optimal form.
So, i think that the q/particle in the zero vacuum has geometrical form of membrane/
circle : C/D=pi= 3,14.
It was needed about 70* years to understand that real q/particle cannot be 'point'
but it needs geometrical form - string.
Maybe it needs another 70 years to adopt* q/particle with geometrical form
membrane / circle* : C/D=pi= 3,14.
Best wishes.
israel sadovnik socratus
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