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Commutator R&I

Originally Posted by jazzzyro View Post
Hello UFO,
can you post a step-by-step tutorial in which we can see how you remove the old commutator, how you mount the second one and how you align them. The list of tools needed is very appreciated for those who are beginners in this area and want to make a prototype.

I tried to remove the commutator and I break it immediately...

Thanks a lot!

Hello J,

There are several posts on this thread dedicated to comm removal and re-installation.

Basically the main issue here is that you can NOT push commutator outwards by pressing on any of its outer elements base area (bottom)...If you do it so, it will create an uneven force and will definitively brake it.

You must reach its center bottom ring right next to shaft to make an even push out of armature, and so depending on the size, you could use one of the "Y" type crow bars.

Normally this type of Y Crow bars are used in automotive to remove plastic clips off door panels or any other fastener which have a flat, again, depending on your comm-shaft diameter size, you will need that specific size tool.

And so, you will need TWO of them, one just to be used as the base and the other to eject commutator from bottom ring base, resting on the first one.

It is -even this way- a very careful operation, since commutators are made of bakelite which is very brittle.

Sometimes you must remove (cut off) the windings in order to allow full access to the bottom comm ring.

Regards and good luck.

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