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* * The Universe from Nothing: T=0K. / by*Israel Socratus /

* The existing interpretation of quantum mechanics is contrary to common sense.*
* * * * WHY?

* The Universe from Nothing: T=0K. / by*Israel Socratus /
Maybe 99% thinks that everything began from big-bang.
A few % have another opinion:
Book 'A universe from nothing' by Lavrence M. Kruass.
My opinion.
Why* everything was started from Nothing ?
Because there is fundamental fact in Nature :
The critical density in the whole Universe* is so small
that it cannot 'close'* the Universe into sphere.
And therefore the Universe as whole is flat - infinite flat.
But what to do with 'infinity' physicists don't know
and they try to escape (throw* out) concept of 'infinity'.
I say that infinite (eternal) nothing has one physical
parameter: T=0K* and therefore* nothing is not nothingness.
We can use many theories to understand condition of T=0K continuum :

1) Theory of ideal gas* ( temperature is T=0K )
2) Hawking black hole radiation* ( temperature is T=0K )
3)* Bose-Einstein condensate* ( temperature is T=0K )
4) Dark energy* ( nothing is some kind of infinite energy )
5) Dark matter* ( consist of virtual particles, antiparticles )
6) SRT** ( explain behavior of quantum particles in nothingness )
7) QT** ( explain the reason and laws of quantum particles behavior )

These theories are subject for rethinking and ,by the way,
** such interpretation** obeys* Occam's* razor.
Scientists say:
Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR) was proved
* ** that Big Bang* theory is correct.
* ** My opinion.
Have you see the waves on the surface of sea ?
But deep down of* the sea* , you know, the picture is different.
Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR ) is only surface of infinite zero vacuum.
Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR) is a false vacuum.
Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR ) is result of work
(fluctuation) of virtual particles.
Deep down of the 'Dirac's sea'* is state of* zero vacuum* T=0K
* with potential negative virtual particles: - E=Mc^2.
And according to the 'Law of conservation* and transformation* energy/mass'
these** virtual negative* particles* can change their potential state
into real* active*positive* particles with energy E=hf.
( Casimir effect, Lamb shift )
Quantum effects (fluctuations)* are dominate in the Universe.
Best wishes
Israel Sadovnik Socratus
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