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Can it be done with capacitors?

Hi All,

Here is my idea for a capacitor shuttle circuit, Split Positive style, for running a pulsed dc motor at about 14v, 2 amps around 3 cap banks. A large house battery to be charged from the pulses/switch events of the motor coils.

I have read nearly half of this thread only, so my apologies if this has been covered already in posts I have yet to read.

All capacitors are 2.7v 400F, which is 8,748 joules, or about 30 watts for 5 mins.

Bank 1, 6 caps in series = 16.2v, fully charged
Bank 2, 6 caps in parallel = 2.7v, fully discharged
Bank 3 (not really used as a bank), 6 caps fully charged ready to be switched in Bank 1 individually

Running motor between Banks 1 and 2, the operation is as follows:

1) Bank 1 discharges to 13.5v into Bank 2. (Motor running between positives)
2) Swap in 1 cap from Bank 3 into Bank 1 (Bank 1 is now back to original 16.2v)

Repeat 5 more times until all caps from "Bank 3" are used. Now Bank 2 is fully charged at 2.7v. Bank 1 is back at 16.2v and "Bank 3" caps are all discharged. Now the cycle starts again by swapping Bank 3 and Bank 2.

Please go easy on me as I have no working knowledge of capacitors, but that doesn't prevent me from asking stupid questions, lol. But I would like to know why this would not work before I go an purchase a bunch of them.

Thank you,