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Look again at what John Iwaszko say's in his video.
"Antigravity" Method 3b of 15, Vacuum Polarization- (Biefeld Brown effect),Group IB(ii)

He gives us six ways that he thought of to enhance the effects.

1. Increased thrust can be obtained by increasing the positive plate area.
2.Decreasing the distance between the conductive plates.
3.Increasing the dielectric permittivity.
4.Increasing the voltage.
5.Increasing the mass of the dielectric.
6.Shaping the positive terminal.

Finally he ends by saying; "A high voltage DC current appears on a plate capacitor to transform an electric field into a gravitational field, the sam as the electric current transforms an electric field into a magnetic field."

I want to post these links which have some useful related information. Some of which may seem to not be related specifically, but which could prove useful in understanding.

Dielectric Permittivity €” GPG 0.0.1 documentation
Dielectric Constant | Relative Permittivity |

Artificial dielectrics have relationships to composites and alloy manufacturing. These links may be useful.

Dielectric Spectroscopy in composites -Useful information on measuring dielectric qualities of composites

Very useful information on recent manufacturing methods. Specifically geared towards the production of Titanium alloys

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