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here are my thoughts on the topic,
looking at the closest physics we have on the topic (wilbert smith), gravity is caused by a spin field that is stronger in the middle of the planet(created by all the matter), and a less strong spin field in space, and kind of like refraction, the matter is drawn to the larger spin field because time is flowing slightly slower there.
so to get around gravity you have to make a large spin field over the top of you.
there are 3 field forces, spin field, electricity (divergent spin field), and magnatism (curl effect of electricity).
they are all at right angles to each other.
usually forcing 2 of them will make a 3rd,
like an electric generator, magnetism at right angles to the spin of the shaft makes electricity at the other right angle.
welbert started with physically spinning magnets and got provable yet small results changing gravity.
so he next went for spinning a magnetic field electrically, and it looks like that mostly failed on him (I tried it and it did nothing in my tests).
so you can't easily create your spin field that way.
my guess is that he tried a spinning electric field next.
and it likely worked much better.
then they likely tested to see what materials worked the best, then looked at what made them work and optimized from there using known proprieties of other things

so my next step in testing would be to make a rotating electrostatic field in the hope of making a strong spin field.
and test what construction materials work and what fails, establish a value for how well each thing works and start looking for patterns in that data
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