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Now about 4 hours ago I set out to write something related to the previous post and to also research artificial dielectrics as having a relationship to a Luneburg Lens, and which evidently exists as a connection between microwaves and this two conjugate foci lens invented by Rudolf Luneburg in 1944. Half of which is what appears to be the stereotypical half round balls on the bottoms of nearly every single early UFO image and drawing. However, I felt that because it seems like I'm going off in another direction, I really am not, and any whom are following these posts may see things and I want to stress how important it is to speak up and say what you think no matter what. Remember now that we are not really attempting to invent anything here. It will be great if that happens but the prime objective is to unravel a mystery.

Understanding how something works doesn't require a technical study of theoreticals: There is no need to become lost in a scientific labyrinth of complexities of electron clouds, photon charge carriers, or hybrid orbital pattern's since all we are really attempting to accomplish is to unravel what is already known and reported daily through such media as the National UFO Network, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. We are involved in what amounts to a criminal investigation. The beginning basis of which involves the construction of workable hypothesis about how something might have occurred because what we do know is that the phenomena of UFO's exist. Therefore a solution exists. Logical deductions produce a logical hypothesis. Once we have a workable hypothesis it must then be subjected to destructive testing. For us this means once we have what we logically think could produce a gravitational effect and where we cannot otherwise show it won't, then we try to replicate the effect with experimentation which will either validate the hypothesis or invalidate it.

Consequently the important thing in investigating this topic is to gather a gist of a wide range of information with the aim of then being able to determine what is significant, and it is the individuality of humans which dictates what is personally significant. Thus, success in unraveling this phenomena is physically tied to individuality itself. The greater the number of individuals , the more likely the chances of success because we are, in truth, struggling with our own indoctrinated conformities that have become the bain of our time because of an indoctrinated belief in the ultimate superiority of indoctrinated expertise. Blindness is the end product of adherence to conformity and which ultimately produces extinction. Let no one think that their own lack of expertise prohibits them from insight.

"Loyalty to petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul."
Mark Twain

Therefore allow me to quote the Department of Homeland Security here.
"If you see something, Say something."

For God's Sake say something alright. Are we clear on this? I don't want to find out ten years from now that someone who's been looking at these posts had a thought and didn't say something which later becomes the golden key to unlocking the secrets which are being held over all of us.

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