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marathonman banned

Originally Posted by marathonman View Post
At no time did Rife use a few watts of low power. even in the video of him using his machine did he not use low power. his bulbs he used would not even light with the power you are talking about let alone kick a virus butt.
I laugh at the gullibility of people as his video's of him using his machine says the RPX won't work. not enough power.
Marathonman is here for disinformation and will be banned. His attitude, mouth and lies are simply not going to be tolerated. There are no more chances for trolls.

You obviously haven't the slightest clue as to what the technology is or how it works. You're a parrot chirping away what you think you know based on what you think you comprehended of what you've read.

You're ignorant of the fact that almost all the power going into a tube setup is lost in the plasma creating heat. Only a fraction of that is transmitted RF.

After the LOW FREQUENCY carrier is explained AFTER it is shown to him on the scope, he continues the deception that low power is ineffective without understanding how it works.
Aaron Murakami

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