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Joseph Newman Motor Disclosure by Geoffrey Miller

The FULL DISCLOSURE of Joseph Newmans technology has finally made it out thanks to Geoffrey Miller! This has been a long time coming and puts to rest what Newmans motor was all about.
Over the years, only a small handful of people got it but most people never had all the information and that is what is about to change.
  • 1 hour 55 minute presentation by Geoffrey Miller, a former partner of Joseph Newman who is telling all.
  • 102 PDF of the PowerPoint used for the presentation.
  • 4 rare pics of Geoffrey Miller and Joseph Newman or with the Newman Motor and a letter from Newman thanking Geoffrey for his contributions.
  • 2 copies of an important diagram showing the commutator arrangement.
  • A shortcut link to a full copy of Joseph Newmans own book called The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman.
  • A shortcut link to an interview with Geoffrey Miller.
  • A shortcut link to a page with the RARE full version interview of Joseph Newman by Johnny Carson.
Joseph Newman Motor Disclosure by Geoffrey Miller Here is a 25% DISCOUNT coupon code: NEWMAN

Go here to download this historical and exclusive release NEWMAN MOTOR FULL DISCLOSURE: Newman Motor Disclosure by Geoffrey Miller
Aaron Murakami

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