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Dingus, I deleted your last post.

I'm tired of you disrespecting the intent of Jeff's presentation and I'm tired of your weasel methods of misdirecting people's attention to something else instead of focusing on the fact that you are making up claims on our behalf that we never made.

You claim all you're doing was linking to old info - you're trying to deceive everyone while not even acknowledging what you did. That is Evasion of the Essential and it has obviously run your life for a very long time.

Your post put words into our mouths making it sound like we're claiming a non-ferrous magnet is a new discovery. Not once have we ever said that, claimed that, implied that, etc... not once!

Everything you have talked about I have promoted in the past - every one of the old links to old information on the topic, etc... nobody cared, nobody replicated, etc... so we're going to put it on the map, you're not going to interfere with that and I could honestly care less what you think about that.

You pride yourself on the idea that you are knowledgeable enough about mental faculties that allows intention to influence matter, because I pay attention, but I can tell you that the lack of intellectual honesty and the games you're playing create a permanent block to you being able to accomplish those things, which are actually measurable.

If you interfere with our attempts to release this information the way we want to release it, you'll be banned. You obviously have no respect for anyone's wishes. You can whine and complain that you're getting censored, etc... but I have all the post history showing the lies you made up about what we're claiming, etc...

Why not post your full legal address for everyone to see so that when they come down with blood cancer by being exposed to the fields, you can pay their medical bills. You're irresponsible and dangerous and need to wake up.
Aaron Murakami

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