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Open voltage on my previous coils was 257 volts at 2.4 amps. The current coil is only outputting about 62 volts at 5.5 amps.

Testing the current coil under load, it is only putting out about 32.6 volts at 5.4 amps. I still have a LOT of testing of coils to do to see what gives me the most output.

This is a YouTube video of the machine running. It is running on 36.6 volts at about 8 amps, but drops down to about 5 amps under load. On the in line panel meter that is hard to see, so at the end of the video I connect and disconnect the load a couple times so you can see the effect on the amp meter. The amp draw always goes DOWN under load.

I ran a 12 volt motor as the load, just to show that it WILL run motors and lights and still speed up under load, and the amp draw WILL go down.


When talking about the performance of the old coil, I shouldn't have included "open voltage" and "amps output" in the same sentence. Open voltage (257 volts) was measured with nothing connected to the coil except a volt meter. The amp reading was taken when the coil was connected to a load (light bulbs). The most amps I was able to get out of the coil under load was 2.4. I honesty do NOT remember the exact voltage, but I know it was upwards of 120 volts.

Same thing with the current coil. Open voltage with nothing connected but the volt meter was 62 volts. With a load connected ( the DC motor), the most I got was 32.6 volts across the motor at 5.5 amps.

Thanks to Bi for pointing these things out to me. He's trying to make sure that when I present information, I actually sound like I know what I'm talking about. He has a really loooong hill to climb.

My big machine that I show in this video has the principles applied to it that will reduce magnetic drag, but the new one I am building will reduce it even more, The coil tester I am running in the video does NOT have those principles applied to it. When the NEW machine is completed, I will try to loop the system just to show that it CAN be done. That should be in a week or so. I am supposed to get all my parts from the machinist tomorrow.

Running an electric motor off the generator output. - YouTube
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